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Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.


Ayurveda and Wellness Services from Cleveland Masala

Everything is connected: food, relationships, work, health.
Delivering Ayurvedic services to the Cleveland area, we help you understand how to view your mind, body, and heart in holistic ways. Holistic, wholesome, and simple, we help you find ways to feel your best.

Constant State of Rush


Sometimes, it feels like we are in the business of “busy”ness. We eat breakfast while rushing to work, lunch while glued to our phones, and grab take-out dinner to eat alone while stuck in traffic during rush hour. This doesn’t create optimal wellness in our bodies, which is why we support mindful eating experiences (that fit into your busy life).

Mind, Body, Soul

Mindful Connection

We are yearning for meaningful connections with others but feel so disconnected to our mind, body, soul. Let us help you find the ways in which your mind, body, and soul connect to food, to others, to community. Our ayurvedic techniques help you feel attuned so you can stay connected to yourself and to others.

Boost Immunity

Be Truly Well

From reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system, cleansing the liver, and protecting against certain cancers, we’ll show you how traditional Indian meals, ingredients, and spices have been touted for their therapeutic properties. Find foods that your body loves and that fill you up in more ways than one.


Cleveland Masala Ayurvedic Services

Our mission is to transform our connection with cooking and eating. Through our classes, we will tap into the practice of Ayurveda to improve our relationship with food.
This is the yoga of cooking. Working with ayurvedic principles, we’ll help you learn how to cook for your specific dosha (or body type), use spices and healthy foods to your advantage, and how to promote health in yourself and your community.

Yoga community workshop

Time: 1-2 hrs

Intro to Ayurveda, the concept of dosha, and which nutritional needs meet your specific dosha. Enjoy local seasonal Ayurvedic food.​

Nutrition cooking lessons

Time: 1-2 hrs

Intro to Ayurveda, the concept of dosha, and hands-on season-specific dosha cooking lessons. This can also be designed into a private cooking series.

Ayurveda dinner experience

Time: Limit to 2-3 hrs

We cook and bring food for your dinner party. Seasonal or individual dosha-specific menus available.

Interested in our ayurvedic services? Cleveland Masala is here to answer your questions and to schedule your consultation or class.

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