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Cleveland Masala: where people, wellness, and good food meet.

At Cleveland Masala, we believe that food crosses all kinds of boundaries: geographical, social, physical, cultural. We want to help you embrace what it can feel likely to truly share in the creation and enjoyment of a meal. One that nourishes the body, boosts the soul, and builds connection.



We provide Indian food experiences, from home tasting events to cooking classes. Embrace Indian bold Indian flavors, vivid colors, and tantalizing earthy aromas. Our food experiences are truly a treat for the senses, and our dishes are rooted in India’s age-old culinary traditions, adapted to today’s kitchen and lifestyle.



We believe that food should be holistic, wholesome, and delicious. More than that, we believe that our food experiences are just one part of the whole: to be truly well, we all must balance the mind, body, and spirit.



Our food experiences are designed with people in mind. We believe that meals are best when they are shared, which is why we focus on the experience as much as the menu. Enjoy a social culinary experience that brings you closer, and offers you a whole new experience.

List of services

Experiences around food

  • Private/group cooking lessons
  • Modern Indian supper club
  • Corporate cooking workshops
  • Community cooking: Summer/Fall outdoor PopUp’s dinner party
  • Ayurveda Cooking & workshops
  • Culinary Travel

Interested in a one-of-a-kind, memorable culinary event? Cleveland Masala is here to answer your questions and to schedule your class, party, or in-home experience.

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